Hospitals play key role in reducing C-Section rates

Hospital choice, higher maternal BMI and larger baby size increase chances of cesarean deliveries, according to an abstract presented at the Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s annual Pregnancy Meeting.

A woman’s chances of having a cesarean birth may depend on the hospital where she delivers, a new study suggests.“The hospital where birth happens does seem to matter,” says senior author Elizabeth Langen, M.D., a high-risk maternal-fatal medicine physician at Michigan Medicine’s Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital. “The culture of the birthing center and its practices for supporting vaginal birth do appear to influence chances of a cesarean birth.”

The study reinforced that higher maternal BMI and larger baby size also increased chances of cesarean deliveries, but even accounting for such factors, researchers identified a 30% difference in risk between hospitals.

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Dr Rajiv Varma MB, FRCOG

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